In January 2023, members of both Local 2 and 31 successfully voted to amalgamate Tile setters, Marble Masons, and Terrazzo Masons into Local 2, making Toronto and GTA unified under one Local.

Previously, Tile setters, Marble Masons and Terrazzo Masons were members of BACU Local 31, which grew to become it’s own Local separate from Local 2 in 1931. Reuniting these locals has made for a strong presence in the trowel trade industry and better member relations.

As a Union and membership that values continued education for our children, we have invested in a Scholarship Fund to help with the every rising cost of post secondary education. Members can find applications in the forms section. All forms are due no later than December 8th, 2023 at the Local Union office.

Click here to visit FORMS page to download Scholarship Fund Application.



About Us

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman Local 2 was founded in Toronto in 1881. Since then, we have been building and servicing the Buildings in the cities of Toronto, Barrie and Oshawa. We represent all Bricklayers Stone masons and Plasters in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sectors of the Construction industry.

The Brick and Allied Crafts Union of Canada Local 2 came into inception in 1998 when we broke away from our International Union and created the BACU of Canada.


We not only take care of the membership during their working career but after as well, our members all contribute to Local 2 Registered Pension Fund, and the CMPT (Canadian Members Pension Trust). Both of these pensions are administrated by Global Benefits in Toronto.

We also have one of the best benefit plans in the construction industry that includes not only Dental and Welfare Benefits but also great Legal Benefits as well. The Trustees of the Health and welfare plan have made significant improvements to the plan and continue to do so. All this is done to make sure our membership and their families are covered from Head to Toe. This too is administrated by Global Benefits


Our Goal

Our Goal is to work with our Industry Partners to continue the Organized Labour Movement. How do we do this you ask? We start with are Industry Partners in collaboration with the communities in our Jurisdiction to encourage our youth to take up a trade. By doing this and showing them safe and correct way to apply this trade and make their way from Apprentice to Journey person.

Local 2 continues to bring young apprentices into our Local membership and as mandated in our Constitution, send them to Trade School to learn the trade and eventually write and pass the Red Seal exam.




Stone Masons


Restoration Mechanics


Refractory Masons


Insulators and AVB Installers


All Perspective Apprentices

Industry Partners


Brick and Allied Crafts Union of Canada


Central Ontario Building Trades


Global Benefits


Ontario Masonry Training Centre


Hammer heads Youth program


Ministry of Training Colleges and University’s


Ontario college of Trades


Masonry Industry Employers Council of Ontario

Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Trade School

Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Trade School

Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Guild of Ontario

Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Guild of Ontario

Contact Us

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Toronto, ON, M3K 2A3

Regular Office Hours
6 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Thursday
7 am to 1 pm Friday
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Office: 416-631-8340
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