How to become an Apprentice

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Masonry, there are many different ways to become a Registered Apprentice. In collaboration with the Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC), we work to make sure all our Apprentices get the right training the first time around. There are 3 levels of in-class training and 5,600 hours of on-the-job training that needs to be completed throughout your apprenticeship. The rest of your training as an apprentice is done on the jobsite work next to our Journey person members.

If you are interested in starting a career in Masonry as an apprentice, you have many different avenues to get started. Even though we do accept everyone, it is preferred that you have some construction experience. The Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC) offers different programs to help those interested in entering the construction industry.


Walk in

This Local does accept walk-in applications of people with no masonry experience. But it is best to have some construction experience or training before applying for membership.


Pre-Apprentice Program

Pre-Apprentice Program is a 5-month course that goes over all the Safety Training needed to enter the construction industry as well as teaches the apprentices the basics of Masonry and jobsite awareness. Apprentices that complete this 5-month course do not have to return to school for Level 1 of the apprenticeship training as it is covered in the Pre-apprentice Program.


Level 1 – Basic

In the first of three levels of training that is needed to complete your apprenticeship and become a Red Seal Bricklayer, it is best to have completed at least 1,400 hours of training on different jobsites in the field before going to complete this course. Level 1 will test you not only on your trowel skill but also the technical and building standard of Ontario.


Level 2 – Intermediate

Apprentices are encouraged to have more than 2,800 hour of on-site experience when signing up for this course. The second level of training focuses more on your trowel skill and knowledge of the standards and technical applications of different masonry systems which can be from a simple block wall to an intricate wall with different features built-in. Level 2 also introduces apprentices to the other types of Masonry Industries such as Mechanical Stone, Refractory and Restoration as well.


Level 3 – Advanced

Apprentices are encouraged to have more than 4,200 hours of on-site experience when signing up for this course. In this third and final level of in-class training, you will be expected to not only know the technical standards of the masonry industry but also be able to perform a multitude of tasks and complete them in a timely manner. Level 3 focuses on fireplace building and stone laying work, all of which is intricate and detailed work. After completion of Level 3 at the OMTC, you will be given an opportunity to study and write your Red Seal Qualifications.


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